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A word from your Supervisor

I believe Orland Township to be a special organization, an organization of people proud of their past and excited about their future. Above all, it is an organization defined by the character and integrity of its people. As we work to serve you our customers, to build stronger service offerings, and to innovate and create, we must always keep paramount in our minds the importance of advancing our outstanding reputation through our personal integrity, our shared values and through our consistently ethical and honest conduct.

As we work together to build a strong future, we will all continue to live our values, and apply the high standards embodied in Orland Township every day and all of the time.

All of our citizens expect this of us. More importantly, we expect it of ourselves.

Paul O'Grady

Why Us?

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    Orland Township government believes if we empathize with our constituents and everything else falls into place. We have listened and heard your struggles and most importantly we have delivered the solutions which provide relief to those pains. One of our mantras is "if we aren't growing then neither is our community". We stay relevant by making sure we are at the leading-edge in terms of leadership skills, interpersonal skills, industry knowledge and technology.

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    Client Focused

    Being customer focused means providing services that are useful and relevant for our community. It reflects our culture of a service and an organization that aims to find out what is important to our constituents. It also means that people are offered choice in the type of services that are being provided for them and the way in which services are provided.


Orland Township has been my home away from home for the past 12 years.  Each department is organized, efficient and has much to offer from year to year.

The Township is the only place where I can socialize, play

Mary Ann Gent

Our Team

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