Highway Department Offerings

Electronics Recycling

Document Shredding

Shred away all unwanted documents and reduce the chances of identity theft. Documents will be shredded on site by Cintas Document Management; watch as materials are shredded. Personal documents only limit 50 lbs.

Street Maintenance

Repairs, maintenance, resurfacing and rehabilitation of the township road district street system infrastructure requires an on-going management program to identify and prevent premature failure of the pavement base and surface.

Storm Water

Understanding Storm Water

Picture the grime of city streets -- oil, grease and soot from cars and trucks, pet waste, trash and litter, sediment and debris from construction sites, and a mix of toxic chemicals. Now picture the same streets after a rainstorm. They look cleaner, right? Sure, but the debris and contaminants haven’t just disappeared -- they’ve been swept through street drains and underground pipes then washed directly into nearby rivers, lakes and streams.