Youth & Family Services

Orland Township Youth & Family Services mission and function is to promote and deliver a menu of services and programs, designed and continually updated for youth and families that teach, build skills, provide information and serve as a referral source for our community. Our goal is to empower youth and families to make healthy decisions, and choose alternate behaviors conducive to the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Youth & Family Services consist of three distinct and necessary components: Clinical, Community Outreach, and the Youth Commission. For appointments and additional information, call (708) 403-4001.

  • Youth & Family Services Chair: Kristi Griffin
  • Youth & Family Services Clinical Director: Kathy Passafiume

Why Do People Seek Counseling?

ADJUSTMENTS ALONG THE LIFE CYCLE: Such as Change in marital status, Adjustment to family responsibilities, Change in job status, Aging parents, Grief related issues, Existential issues, Concerns regarding a purposeful life,

CHANGE IN A MAJOR DOMAIN OF LIFE: Adults: Home, Sociability and Work

YOUTH: Home, School and Friends


Once the counselor and client collaboratively agree upon goals and a treatment plan, their work together begins. An individual counseling session generally takes approximately one hour. The length of time that they work together varies depending upon many factors. Due to the consistent vision and far reaching plan of Orland Township's Board of Trustees to continue to deliver quality, yet affordable services to the residents of Orland Township, the fee for services is tax dollar subsidized and based upon income and number of persons dependent upon that income.

To start the process, call the office between the normal business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday. Appointments are required and groups are run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well.


Please feel free to review all the services offered by Orland Township.

Youth & Family Services Offerings

Youth Commission

The Orland Township Youth Commission or OTYC provides a venue for energetic young people, 6th grade through high school to fulfill their community service requirements, as well as opportunities for supervised recreational activities, development of leadership skills along with the possibility of making new friends.

OTYC members participate is a variety of projects and events such as:

Clinical Staff

Our clinical staff consists of Master's prepared and State of Illinois licensed counselors as well as graduate students in the final stage of their Master's level clinical training. A Clinical Professional Counselor supervises the students and all utilize the expertise of the department's Ph.D. level consultant.

Community Outreach

The community outreach faction of the department is how we stay connected to the community and attempt to actively participate in the various domains of human involvement. We operate "Alternative to Detention groups in the local high schools. We actively participate in The Lion's Club functions, such as "Haunted Woods". The department works collaboratively with the Orland Park Police Department to provide quality programming such as the annual "Cosmic Bowl", and the "Get to Know Us, Get to Know You Barbecue".